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PTA is dedicated to helping you walk in the fulness of your purpose in the Kingdom of God!


PTA wants you to have an encounter with the truth so that you can walk it out boldly!


Our Online School offers electives that allow you to pursue truth by pursuing subjects you are passionate about.

From Our Founder

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I have had a burden to steward truth for more than half of my life. Over the course of 23 years of ordained ministry, I have seen the good, the bad, and the outrageous when it comes to how the truths of the Kingdom of God are communicated and lived out. Once I had the core conviction in my spirit that the purpose of truth is to bring us to an intimate encounter with Jesus, how I pursued and communicated truth radically changed. Present Truth Academy is an extension of the desire to share truth in such a way that it equips, brings spiritual impartation, and ultimately brings each person to a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ.

The stage the Church finds itself on is the most unique in human history. While the problems we face have certainly evolved, the power of the Gospel remains constant. If we don't like the current climate we find ourselves in, an authentic understanding and relevant application of the gospel are sure to bring about lasting change. This cannot simply be accomplished by procuring volumes of theological information, but by having our hearts changed by the God through which all authentic theology finds its roots. 

I believe that if you can gain a healthy and accurate view of the nature of God as is realized in the Person of Jesus (Heb.1:3), that all theological pursuits can accurately be understood and applied. What we believe about the nature of God affects our Eschatology, Soteriology, Christology, Bibliology, Hamartiology, and much more. We shouldn't allow our views about any given subject to define our understanding of the nature of God, but we should allow the opposite to occur. 

Thank you for considering Present Truth Academy as your partner in pursuing truth. We pray that our working together will bring you to a greater revelation of the One Who has captivated all of our hearts! Blessings!

 Dr. Matthew Hester

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