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Enroll as a student now for any Primary Study Track! You will be charged a non-refundable enrollment fee of $25. Each academic year will contain 2 Primary Track Courses for the year. Each primary track will be ten weeks long and each student will also be required to sign up for an Elective Module of their choosing to pace alongside each Primary Track. A full year will be comprised of 2 Primary Tracks of ten weeks each and 2 Elective Modules that will vary in duration and cost based on your choices.


The cost of the each Primary Track is $275*. You will then need to choose an Elective Module* to go along with your Primary Track from the available offerings. The pricing for the electives depends on the choices you make.


Once you have paid your enrollment fee, we will contanct you via e-mail to get the details for your course one study choices.

*There are payment plans available for the Primary Track. If you choose to use the monthly payment option, your total cost will be $315. If you pay the full $275 up front, you will save $40.

*Elective Modules must be paid-in-full before you are able to begin one. If you have already taken any Present Truth Coaching programs, you may count those as credit for your elective requirements. Depending on the elective you choose, you may be required to purchase additional materials.





Present Truth Academy is not an accredited school. While we appreciate the classic accreditation model, we find that this model is not advantageous for many people in terms of cost or flexibility. We are proud to offer religious degrees and are actively building relationships with other schools across the country and around the world.


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