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Each year at Present Truth Academy will be comprised of two ten week Primary Courses of study. You will have summer break between the 2 courses of study. You will gain access to a new video and the corresponding notes for each session weekly. You will maintain access to each session until your access ends after the close of the first track of study.


The cost of each Primary Track is $275.

There are also payment options available for $105 per month for three months.

Primary Tracks will be presented by Dr. Matthew Hester and guests.

Tracks currently available - 

          Primary Study Track One - Foundations

          Primary Study Track Two - The Gospel(s) *special guest - Bishop Jamie Englehart
          Primary Study Track Three - The Power Of Unity
          Primary Study Track Four - Trinity

          Primary Study Track Five - The Sacred Cow Tasting Menu

          Primary Study Track Six - The Finished Work

          Primary Study Track Seven - The Sermon On The Mount

          Primary Study Track Eight - The God Who Looks Like Jesus
          Primary Study Track Nine - Union With Christ


Our elective studies are part of what make Present Truth Academy unique.

Pick an Elective that you are interested in and study it alongside your Primary Track.

(You are required to study one Elective for each Primary Track of study.) 

(Depending on which elective you choose, you may be required to purchase additional material.)

The Apostolic Pattern In the Life Of Paul
Collection One & Two - $100 each
with Jason Clark
with Dr. Kelley Varner

The Apostolic Pattern in the Life of Paul is a combined 16-part in-depth series that covers the life and ministry of the literary apostle who was chosen by Jesus Christ to be the pattern of leadership (1 Tim. 1:16). Dr. Varner helps understand the man, the message, and the manner of life of this incredible spiritual father and founder. This is a must study for every serious Bible student and Christian leader who has been called to be a part of the present Apostolic Reformation. 

This elective is divided into two eight part collections and can be studied along with your Primary Study Tracks over the course of an entire academic year.

One Life With The King - $100

One Life With The King: The Story Of Esther is an eight session elective by Dr Kelley Varner! Take a verse by verse journey through the book of Esther in a way like you never have before.

The Priestly Garments - $100
The Priestly Garments is an eight session elective by Dr Kelley Varner! Take a verse by verse journey through the typology of the Priestly Garments and how they reveal the character and nature of Jesus.

Scriptural Context - $100
with Dr. Martin Trench

In this six-session elective, Dr. Martin Trench will take you on a challenging and elightening journey into Scripture. He will deal with common misconceptions that have impacted and influenced the modern church. He will offer topics on Scriptural Context, Covenenat Transition, Aramaic Culture, and much more!

Sovereign Love - A fresh look at Sovereignty - $100

In this six-session elective, Jason Clark will bring you to a refreshing encounter with the love and goodness of our heavenly Father. He will do this by taking a fresh look at God's sovereignty. When you realize that Gods supreme power and authority is LOVE...everything changes for the better.

Present truth coaching - $125 each Program
with Dr. Matthew Hester

There are four ten-session electives to choose from in the Present Truth Coaching series.

Each one is unique and covers a diverse offering of topics and focus.

101 - 10 sessions on discovering the fundamentals of Present Truth. Sessions include: Three-Fold Things, Victorious Eschatology, Better Covenant Theology and more.

Recovering The Nature Of God - 10 sessions on gaining a better understanding of the heart and nature of God. Sessions include: Wrath, Justic & Judgement, God Is A Giver and more.

Captivated By Grace - 10 sessions that drop a Grace bomb in the middle of your world! Sessions include: Fresh Grace, We Are Forgiven Much, Grace Is The Storm and more.

Conversations - 10 sessions that comprise 10 conversations with ministry friendships built over many years. There's nothing off-limits in these sessions!  Guests include: Dr. Martin Trench, Pastor Wayne Chaney, Betsy Jacobs, Bishop Carlos Garcia and more.

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