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Present Truth Academy Is...

Kingdom Focused

Our focus on the Kingdom of God causes us to not be narrow-minded in our pursuit of truth. We fully believe that the Kingdom of God is not simply an idea that Christians agree with, but it is the very atmosphere through which we experience the entirety of our lives. The gospel of the Kingdom is of central importance in providing a healthy understanding of Who God is and all that He accomplished on behalf of humanity.


Jesus is the litmus test for truth (John 1:17). If the knowledge we pursue doesn't ultimately reflect the character and nature of Jesus, it should be thoroughly examined and tested. This examination should help us to understand either the error of the knowledge we are pursuing or the error of our own personal undertanding. The contributors of Present Truth Academy are intentional about sharing truth in such a way that it equips, brings spiritual impartation, and ultimately brings you to a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ. 


At Present Truth Academy we offer a diverse and customizable journey for each particpant. In addition to taking your Primary Courses of study, you will also have the freedom to choose Electives that will allow you to specifically pursue and cultivate your interests. We want you to be able to take advantage of what you're passionate about with an ever-growing catalog of Primary Courses and Electives.

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